How to Create a Swing Tack

Have you examined a lined skirt or dress and noticed those little thread tacks that hold the lining down to the outer shell near the hem? Ever wonder what those are called? They’re Swing Tacks! This is a very tactful name considering the sole purpose for them is to allow the lining to “swing” freely from the skirt. If you’ve ever made the decision to fully attach a lining around your hem, you may have noticed it constrains movement, particularly in pencil skirt styles. Leaving the lining to hang loosely at the hem and securing it down with a swing tack provides free movement and gives your garment a professional look.

This technique is also useful in other ways! Have you ever purchased a dress with a matching belt that is held in place by tiny loops at the side seams? These little loops can also be created using the same method. You just create the swing tack a tiny bit longer than the width of your belt and secure it down as seen in the above picture.

I’ve created an instructional video here that will guide you through the very simple process of making your own swing tack. It only takes a few minutes to complete!

What you will need:

  • Matching thread
  • Needle
  • Snippers
  • Garment you want the swing tack on

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Maggie Jean


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  1. Kyle

    Loved the video, Maggie! So easy to follow and packed with all the detail anyone could need to do a swing tack!

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