Today I’d like to show you how to create your very own fabric bow, one of the easiest things you’ll ever do! The best part is that you can add these to virtually any project. Add one to a handmade skirt, dress, handbag, or even use simply as a hair bow or a hat ornament.. you name it!

This bow is made up of 2 rectangles of fabric (3 if you count the fact that I added an interlining layer to “puff” mine out. This is recommended for a fluffier look, but not necessary). One is for the actual bow portion and the other for the center knot.


Cut your first rectangle for the bow portion at a size of 8″ x 36″ out of your fabric. If you’d like to interline, cut an identical rectangle out of your chosen interlining. I used some leftover lining fabric I had lying around. Next, cut a small rectangle 3″ x 5″ size for your center bow knot. You can certainly change the size of your bow proportionally to get a smaller or larger bow if you’d like, but keep in mind, the smaller you go, the trickier it will be to sew & turn inside out!


If you are interlining your bow, match these pieces up with the correct side of your main fabric facing out. Now fold your rectangle in half lengthwise (or hot-dog style if you prefer the old elementary school lingo) and pin. Using your ruler and a marking tool, draw a diagonal line from the folded edge to the raw edge. This will be your sewing line to create the diagonal points of the bow end. You can make this as steep or shallow as you’d like! Repeat with the other end.STEP 3

Begin sewing at the folded edge point along your diagonal line. Stop and turn when you reach the raw edge and continue down the length of your rectangle. When you get about 1-2″ away from the center of your rectangle, STOP SEWING and backstitch here. You’ll need to leave a small gap for turning the bow inside out. In the picture below, you’ll see I have one half of the bow sewn. Now start from a few inches away from where you left off and sew the rest of the length, turning at your other diagonal line to the fold point. Here you’ll see now I have both sides sewn with a 2″ gap in the middle. Step 4

Turn your bow piece inside out and use your scissors to push out the corners into nice points. If you’d like, you may press this flat now, but I prefer a fluffier look, so I didn’t bother ironing my bow at all!STEP 5

Next, fold your bow as shown below. I have the middle section measuring about 8″ across. Pinch together down the middle with your fingers and you’ll see the bow start to take shape!Now loop some thread around the middle to hold it in place. You can actually sew this if you’d like, but I find it faster to just make loops with my fingers and pull the end through several times to secure. STEP 6

Now take your small rectangle for the center knot and fold it in half lengthwise. Sew along the long edge making a tube.Turn right side out. Fold in half again with the seamline facing out, matching raw edges. Stitch along the raw edges to form a loop. Turn inside out once more and you’ve finished your center knot piece!


Now slide your bow through the knot loop and voila!! You have a lovely new bow! At this point, I would recommend doing some slip stitches along the knot edge at the back of the bow to secure it in place. If you are sewing it to a project, you may do so however you’d like! You can also add a pin back or hair clip. The options are endless!

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Maggie Jean